History of Powder Coating


For over 50 years, Powder Coating has served a wide range industries as the go to option for a lasting surface coating due to its resistance to corrosion, finish quality and overall durability.

Today, Manufactures and Consumers require a even higher level of finish quality, color options, and textures. Companies such as Prismatic Powders and Tiger Coatings offer amazing selections including High Gloss, Transparent Powder Coat, Metallic, Illusion Effects, Wrinkle Texture and even High Grip Safety Powder Coating. This hard coating is used on all forms of metal including steel, aluminum, tubing, and even household appliances.


The Powder Coating process uses a electrostatic gun to positively charge and spray the powder, which is then attracted to the grounded part leaving even and smooth coverage that is baked at high temperatures to achieve the durable hard coating that powder coating is known and desired for.  At Fusion Coatings, we use the newest technology available from our application equipment to our pristine filtration paint booth.


Once powder coat is “cured” at high temperatures, the applied powder coat melts and flows out to form molecular network structure that is smooth or textured (depending on the application) surface and is fully bonded to the substrate. Corrosion resistance and durability are the result of the process.


Powder Coating applications range from automotive, industrial, household, both interior or exterior, and is even used for appliances and furniture. At Fusion Coatings, we have powder coated everything from hundreds of feet of aluminum railing to custom wheels and performance chassis as well as refinishing patio furniture and outdoor decorations.


Advantages of Powder Coating with Fusion Coatings

  • Powder Coating can produce thicker coating compared to liquid coatings

    • No running or sagging

  • A wide range of specialty effects and colors that would be difficult to achieve using other coating processes

  • Faster Curing Time vs. conventional liquid coatings

  • Horizontal or Vertical applications with no difference in appearance

  • Corrosion Resistance and Durability

Fusion Coatings is a Fort Myers, FL Company offering powdercoating and sand blasting services for industrial, commercial, retail, automotive, interior and exterior projects. We are open to the public Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.