Caring for Powder Coat


Caring for your Powder Coated Parts


Any coating applied to metal products that are exposed to rigorous use or inclement weather will inevitably degrade and show signs of wear over time. Powdercoating is very durable and strong, by using these tips and tricks you will get the most out of your powdercoated surfaces. 


Elements that can affect powder coated surfaces

  • Sunlight (UV LIGHT)

  • Heavy or Consistent Rain

  • Cold Weather

  • Salt Water Exposure

  • Dissimilar Metals

  • Harsh Winds

  • Abrasive or Impact uses

  • Electrical current transfer

  • Sunscreen or Compound Chemicals

  • Oils, Solvents, Chlorine or Commercial Cleaners


Proper maintenance and care is key to fighting off powdercoat degradation. No powder coat or surface coating is impervious to wear and required maintenance. Over time, its protective and decorative properties will give way. Here are some tips to extend the life of your powder coated part.

  • Clean Regularly

    • Weekly or Monthly cleaning will  extend the usable life of powder coating finishes.

    • Rinse and dry with clean filtered water.

  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners

    • Solvents can damage the finish

  • Pressure Washing is OK

    • Cleaning powder coated surfaces with a LOW pressure setting is safe and healthy for the surface as it removes debris and grime that can impregnate onto the coating and allow premature degradation of the powder coat.

    • LOW pressure only, high pressure water can break through the surface coating which is highly undesired.

    • Filtered Water is recommended. Tap water or groundwater can contain harmful chemicals that can stain or discolor surfaces and should not be used.

  • Mild Soap and Water is OK

    • Cleaning powder coating with a mixture of mild soap and water is promoted as the best method to remove stains or debris.

    • No NOT use commercial cleaning chemicals. Many of these products remove dirt and grease but also will remove layers of the finish away, degrading and shortening the life of the powder coating finish. Mild detergents, free of solvents are recommended.

    • Soft brushes only.

  • Clear Coat Waxing

    • UV resistant high grade non abrasive car wax is suitable for clear powder coating.

    • Do NOT leave any residue on the surface

    • Do NOT use any abrasive style compound waxes.